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You take your smartphone everywhere and use it for a wealth of information – it really is your digital side kick. That’s why it is important to find the best smartphone cases to protect it. Your smartphone may only be as good as the protection you purchase for it. After all, one bump, scrape, or drop may render your device worthless until it gets replaced. So, purchasing a good case will help keep it intact and provide good protection from the daily hits that your smartphone will take. Here are ten great smartphone cases that you can choose from to protect your device:

1) Galaxy S7 Case

At under $10 and offering dual-layer protection, this remarkable case even comes with a kickstand so you can set it down and view videos and movies at your convenience. Strong and shock resistant, this is an excellent product for the price.

2) GOLINK iPhone 6/6S Girl Case

The unique design offers a seemingly marble finish that is scratch, shock, and dust proof. It also provides excellent protection while not allowing fingerprints to be seen. The hard coating is lightweight and quite affordable.

3) Incipio NGP Case

You can find this one in translucent blue which is not only attractive, but very durable. Designed for the iPhone 6 and 6S, this has proven to be a very popular model that is also inexpensive while providing good protection.

4) LG Leon Case

Designed for the LG Leon LTE, this case is lightweight and well-priced at under $10. You can choose from a myriad of designs that fit the smartphone snugly so that it stays in your pocket or purse with little issue.

5) OtterBox Defender Series

Designed for the Samsung 6, these cases offer three layers of protection which makes them well suited to resist bumps, scratches, and drops. Plus, there is a belt-clip holder that doubles as a kickstand so you can watch videos or movies without having to hold the device. Do your kids use your smartphone as a trampoline also? OtterBox is truly one of the best smartphone cases for parents and one of the most popular!

6) Prong w/Plugs & Prong Extended Battery Case

In addition to providing protection, you can easily recharge your iPhone using this case which comes with a plug that goes directly into a standard outlet.

7) Speck CandyShell Inked Case

Perfect for iPhones, Speck cases are noted for their flamboyant designs which include pixie florals that really stand out. Because the cases are hard-coated, they also stand up to the rigors of daily use and protect against typical drops.

8) Spigen

Excellent, heavy duty cases designed for iPhones and Android smartphones. They are sleek, but offer great protection from most daily hazards. They are also reasonable priced and come in different designs, colors, and textures.

9) Tribe AB37

An armband that is also a keyholder, this is an excellent case for those on the go. The case is crafted from soft neoprene that offers good protection which is flexible, durable, and environmentally friendly. This allows you greater access to your phone while providing excellent protection.

10) WenBelle Wallet Case

This double-layer soft PU color, leather flip case offers a professional appearance while being easy to use. The leather provides excellent protection from scratches, bumps, and even drops thanks to its durability and you can lock away your keys and other necessary items inside the case as well.

Any of the ten cases listed here provides you with an excellent way to protect your smartphone all for a reasonable price.

What are some of the best smartphone cases you like?

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