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If you want your business to grow, you have to advertise your business. The active promotion of a business is just as vital as the business itself. Effectively and properly promoting, marketing, and advertising your business is a constant effort, and when it comes to researching the best ways to promote your type of business, you need to take the time to plan.

Luckily, you can promote your business without breaking your budget. There are many low-cost and simple methods for marketing that will help your business gain the exposure it needs. These methods will also allow you to convey professionalism and network effectively. Below are some marketing ideas for your business.

1) Social Networking

In this competitive internet age, connecting with your clients, customers, the community, and competitors has become more important than ever. With social networking, you are equipped with an opportunity to reach out to an audience quickly. The best social media platform you’re your business may very – for some Pinterest may rule, for others Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will be their foundation. Always think about the audience – your customer – when deciding how you will communicate your message. With these websites, you get to build a customer base, interact with your customers, share industry knowledge, and most importantly, you get to promote your products, services or business. You can also advertise with these platforms at a much lower rate than traditional media.

Pro tip: RecurPost is the most affordable and effortless social media management tool. 

2) Bundle Up

Many companies, such as telecommunications, have had success selling bundled products and offering bundled services as a package, instead of making them exclusive offerings. Customers are prone to seeing bundled services as a savings to them, even if what they are saving it is nominal – it’s an effective way to advertise your product or service. This also makes it easier for you to sell and promote since they will be excited to tell their friends and family about their savings. If possible, try to make sure your bundles are somewhat flexible. This is because a potential customer may reject a specific bundle because he or she feels the entire bundle does not apply to him or her. If you can remain flexible enough to take out different services or products to meet the needs of your customer, you will see success with this strategy.

3) Power to the Blog

Like social networking, business blogs are an excellent way to share the message of your business or industry. With blogs, you get the perfect platform to build a discussion, offer information, provide resources and to help people. Blogs are ideal to reach your audience as you advertise through storytelling and sharing the latest information about your business or product. You can create a blog and make it a part of your business website, or you can give it its own identity like Nerdsquawk. “Creating a 52-week editorial calendar will help with your company’s publishing schedule,” says Matthew Miele of Miele Media Inc. “The importance of publishing every week to your audience is vital to your businesses growth. Content marketing should be a practice every business does.” They are perfect for offering a dedicated platform where you can share and gain ideas and thoughts from your customers. Blogs can help when it comes to building a community.

Pro tip: Start your own blog for as little as a few dollars with BlueHost.

4) Brand Yourself

Your business needs a consistent look and feel – design and order stationery, envelopes and business cards. Save the digital files too. A consistent design will keep up your professional appearance. Business cards are not obsolete. They allow you to share your contact information in a quick and precise manner, especially when you meet a potential client for the first time. They are also very easy to give out and left behind. With your business stationery, you can create consistency in your business. You should add your custom prints to receipts, envelopes, letterheads, checks, presentation folders, and more. This way, your brand is bound to gain exposure while still being a subtle reminder for anyone that has it.

Pro tip: Use Fiverr to affordable design logos or other print materials.

5) Give away your brand

Giveaways and promotional products are an excellent way to promote your business. There are a lot of unique promotional items that are available to be customize with your slogan, brand, artwork, logo or other business information. People love getting free gifts, and they are a great way of advertising. Pens are probably the most common promotional product and the one you are most familiar with, but there are several creative ways to promote your business with giveaways. For instance, small mirrors or nail files for beauty shops, or stress balls for chiropractic clinics. Besides the fact that you get more customers and brand exposure with promotional products, you also get to build a better and productive business relationship with your clients. You can use promotional products as corporate thank you gifts or holiday promotions to keep your business top of mind for your network.

6) E-mail promotion

Building an email distribution list – especially if you sell a product or a service – is an effective way for your business to connect with your clients and customers. One of the best ways to build a permission-based email list is to give something away. You can use a giveaway promotion at a trade show to collect email addresses or giveaway something on your website. It could be a free tip sheet, an eBook or anything related to your business. For example, I’ll send you a free guide to 2017 social media image sizes if you sign up for my email list right now.

Pro tip: With an email service like MailChimp, you will be able to manage your list easily and send professional looking emails.

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