If you want your business to grow, you have to advertise your business. The active promotion of a business is just as vital as the business itself. Effectively and properly promoting, marketing, and advertising your business is a constant effort, and when it comes to researching the best ways to promote your type of business, […]

Every public relations manager dreams of a viral social media campaign. Viral marketing can bring a brand to greater heights than any traditional PR or advertising effort. A successful viral social media post, whether by luck or engineering, is a goal of many. However, just as the Internet giveth, it can taketh away. ┬áJust as […]

What’s the best time to post on Facebook, share on Instagram or tweet on Twitter? Knowing the right time of day can be difficult. Organic reach on social media is a rare sighting today. Paid traffic is dominating the news feed, and it is getting increasingly harder to get in front of your audience. There […]