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Every Christmas I am tasked with two things: 1) ensuring that elves carry out safe transport to different areas of my main floor; and 2) finding awesome stocking stuffers for Santa. I fail at both each year, but not this year. This year, I will have awesome stocking stuffers. The elves, however, will probably remain sitting on my mantle as I tell tales of their inability to move that night because they fell asleep watching television, or because they sprained their ankles whilst rappelling the Christmas tree.

Ice cream from the moon and a deep tea diver,
Story games and speakers and cute pacifiers,
I love you stones that pull at heart strings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Astronaut Ice Cream

Orange chocolate was a holiday tradition when I was a child, but my family does not like it. This year, I’m going to try another childhood favorite – Astronaut Ice Cream!

Astronaut Ice Cream Neapolitan Freeze Dried Food 4 Pack


No batteries needed! A tool to connect with your family without technology. Storymatic aims to help nurture creativity and unlimited bedtime stories.

The Storymatic Kids — Hundreds of Cards — Tell Stories, Play Games, Make Art, and More — Includes Booklet with Prompts, Games, and Activities — Made in USA

Hexbug Nano

Hexbugs are autonomous toy bugs that react to sound and pressure. They are a fun little toy ideal for children (ages 3 and up) and cats (use cat version only), and clearly the next step toward i, Robot coming true.

HEXBUG Nano Nitro 5 Pack Toy

Table Topics

Maybe it’s time for you to meet your family? This gift seems like an opportunity for families to spend less time in front of a screen and more time communicating face-to-face.

TABLETOPICS Original – 10th Anniversary Edition: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Temporary Animal Hand Tattoo

I think my kids will love these hand tattoos. They are affordable and different. They’ll get at least a day’s worth of fun out of them.

Fun Express Educational Products – Animal Hand Tattoos (2 dz) – 2 Dozen Animal Hand Tattoos.


I don’t know about you, but I loved scented pencils when I was young. Obviously, grape was the best one, but I’ll accept strawberry as a close second.

Colored Smencils 10 Pack

Credit Card Light Bulb

My kids have an obsession with flashlights. When our power does go out, the batteries will likely all be dead. I thought these credit card lightbulbs might last them a few months as their additional night light.

5 x LED Pocket Credit Card Wallet Light Bulb

App Crayon

I do let my kids use electronics. I’m not a monster. To be honest, they’ve learned a lot from their devices… the alphabet… sign language… and have even asked me what twerking is. :/

As my son enters the stage of writing on the walls of the house like he’s trying to solve a mathematical proof, I thought this app crayon would allow us to leave the magic sponges in the cleaning cabinet.

Dano AppCrayon Stylus for Kids

Cute Pacifiers

You can get a duckbill, teeth, lips and a mustache. No matter what you choose, there will no doubt be adorable Snapchat photos to follow.

Deep Tea Diver

A fantastic gift for my daughter who loves hot tea. It’s unique and fits in a stocking!

TEAlice Deep Sea Diver Silicone Tea Infuser Steeper with accented Mermaid Charm

Earbud/Headphones Pouch Stocking Stuffer

Here’s a gift/solution… my family is always losing their headphones and charger cords. Maybe this will help.

ZMLM Mini Carrying Case with Carabiner for Flash Drive, Headphone, USB Cable 4-Pack in 4 Colors

Mini Speaker

Of all of the tech I have compiled, we don’t have any speakers for smartphones. My family might appreciate it when they are listening to the latest shape song or watching claymation of letters on YouTube kids.

80Boy®3.5mm Aux Audio Jack Plug in Speaker with Built-in Battery Micro USB Port,Portable Mini speakers for Cellphone Tablets iPad iPod laptops MP3 MP4 & other 3.5mm Aux Audio devices(gifts package)

I Love You Stones

Every loved one deserves reminders that you care. Regardless of your holiday tradition, this is a great sentimental gift for the partner or friend who spends time in reflection.

I Love You Because Pocket Stone Romantic Gift Set

Whiskey Stones

This is a gift for dad who appreciates the occasional glass of Jack Daniels whiskey. If you are a slow sipper, I suppose you can use them to keep non-alcoholic beverages cold as well.

Sipping Stones – Set of 9 Grey Whiskey Chilling Rocks – Made of 100 Percent Pure Soapstone

Small Emergency Kit

My husband can attest to my commitment to keeping a stock of emergency kits in the event of cuts, scrapes or a zombie apocalypse.

First Aid Kit – 60 Pieces – Small and Light Soft Shell Case – Packed with hospital grade medical supplies for emergency and survival situations. Ideal for Car, Camping, Travel, Office, Sports, Home

Googly Eye Stickers

These seem like a great gift for home, or for work, bring all the things to life!

Accoutrements Emergency Googly Eyes

What stocking stuffers do you want? Tell me about it in the comments below or via @nerdsquawk.