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6 Technology New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year and a fresh start, and while you have some downtime, it is an excellent opportunity to think about technology resolution for a better you and a better smart office.

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How to know if your device is affected by the Googlian virus

What’s at risk if your email account is hacked? It may not seem like much, but your email account is linked to much more than simple messages and photos, but important documents and sensitive information. Unfortunately, hackers gained access to more than just email with the latest hack – more than 1 million Android smartphones were accessed through malware using Google accounts.

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Have spam on your iPhone calendar? Here’s why.

Cancel all your meetings; there’s a sunglass sale! Did you recently have an odd invitation on your iPhone? I did. I noticed multiple events on my calendar for a sunglasses sale alongside some foreign language characters. I found it interesting because I did not schedule or accept the event, and because it’s snowing. It turns out it’s a spam attack that’s infiltrating Apple’s iCloud calendar, and I am not alone. You too may have noticed a weird calendar alert, and if you are lucky, it came with sound at 3:00 am!

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7 Office Ideas for the Holiday

Are you ready for the holiday season? Each year, I offer my recommendations for technology for your smart office. This Christmas, take advantage of sales and deep discounts on technology to meet your farm office needs.

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